Home News Hong Kong protests enter 11th consecutive weekend: Follow live – CNN

Hong Kong protests enter 11th consecutive weekend: Follow live – CNN

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Howard, 39, says protesters should not lose hope and should keep fighting. Joshua Berlinger/CNN

Everyone should be equal under the law, Howard, a 39-year-old actor said on Sunday. Howard, who is taking part in today’s protest at Victoria Park said of the recent violence between police and protesters that the law should decide.

“We cannot justify whether that citizen is breaking the law or not. If he is breaking the law then he has liability to face justice, but at same time we are asking for those in the police who break the law (to face justice as well).”

Howard said that he is protesting against perceived police violence, police posing as protesters, and mob attacks from organized criminal gangs.

“We want the government to listen to us, withdraw the extradition bill and also have an independent panel investigating police abuse and those officers should be stood down,” he said.

“All these two months we have gone through a lot but we should not lose hope and we should keep fighting.”

Have police overstepped the mark? Allegations of police brutality have fueled increasingly violent protests in the streets of Hong Kong, prompting law enforcement to fire tear gas on an almost daily basis. The appearance of police disguised as protesters have also triggered further outrage and paranoia among some of the protesters. 

Officers have defended their use of force in response to what they characterized as violent, criminal behavior, and rejected calls for an independent investigation into their handling of the situation.

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